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Who Am I?

During my ten years working in international companies, living in France, Thailand and Singapore, I became a mother of 4 children. Our children being our best teachers, led me to become a Montessori educator and a parental coach giving Positive Discipline workshops to parents to promote a kinder AND firmer way to educate all ages and types of children. 

Learning concrete and efficient tools to educate children is a must but healing yourself as a person is the key. The key to not pass on negative family traits to your own children, but also to improve your relationship with yourself and the others; and to find your true self. Who you are meant to be, all these parts of yourself that make you this unique and precious person on Earth. My own experience and the experiences of the people I guide show it is true.

Indeed, the only person we can change, is ourselves!

By experience, I truly believe the day to day challenges (emotional, physical and behavioural) we all encounter in our present life are here for a reason. They give us a message, they are red flags showing us what needs to be healed within us to live a better life, to live to our full potential and embrace our power permanently.

Inner Child Integration therapy is a type of therapy that goes deep, it requires effort and sweat. And it is so worth it! You see the changes, and the changes are permanent. While freeing you from your past, you feel "nothing can stop me anymore! I can just be myself". This is such a relief. 

I was so blessed to be trained by the amazing American pioneer in her field Trisha Caetano. She did share all her knowledge, her 40 years + of experiences with clients and above all the humanity that is required to do such a beautiful work. I will feel very honoured to be able to guide you on your own journey. I assure you that I do my best to tailor my practice to your needs, to make sure you receive the approach that works best for you and that you need at this precise moment. 

With no judgement, with respect to your history and experiences, using my active listening skills, I will flow with your needs. Whether it be finding your true self, becoming a better parent, releasing emotional blockages (sadness, anger,...) and addictions, understanding physical symptoms (eczema, stiffness,...), improving relationships or letting go of repetitive patterns... I will be with you in your process.





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